End of Your Course / Wrap Up

At the end of a course, (shortly after the release of final exam sample solution) platform team and teaching team come together to go through the final steps needed to finish the course alright.

  • Even after the final exam, a [Regrading] can be necessary.
  • As soon as the course is finished, course must be set on the course page in auto archive mode. It is important to doublecheck this status after the course.

    Figure 11 Course in autoarchive mode

  • Experience shows, that a recheck and, where necessary, an adaptaion of the course end date are especially important. Especially with extended assignment deadlines this setting can have undesired consequences.

  • If there is interest in special statistical data from the course, the generation of those statistics can be discussed with the platform team. These are also interesting to the learning community. At present, the platform team offers readymade course start and course end surveys. Additional questions to these surveys can be added.
  • The procedure of generating certificates is explained.
  • The lecturers signatures is needed as digital file. (please use a marker on white background)
  • At the end of each course statistics and special course characteristics are published on suitable places on the course site and also on the openHPI Blog. Relevant articles of the teaching team are explicitly desired and very welcome.
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