Overview MOOC planning and - execution

Course planning

  • Coordination within your department: Is a course needed?
  • Definition of teaching/ course team (who is in charge?)
  • Course Layout: Things to keep in mind when designing the course.
  • Course registration at openHPI with Course Template
  • Application time for 6-Week courses of the following year ist October of a legal year

2-3 months prior course start

  • COURSE LAYOUT: Preparation of weekly learnings: Syllabus, Presentations, Quizzes, Assignments, Literature – all accompanying material Checklist Conception
  • Programming of LTI-Tools, if required
  • Planning of recording dates with Audio Visual Team or recording studio (HPI in-house)

4-6 weeks prior course start

  • Registration of course with openHPI as soon as course duration is known  Course Template
  • Information about ourse execution and Course Design
  • Kick off-Meeting with platform team contact Kick-off Meeting
  • Coordination with PR-Team – Press Release and course communication
  • Communication matrix communication templates

4 weeks prior course start

  • PRODUCTION Record of course videos - Advice from the audio visual team
  • PUBLISHING: Course introduction video for PR
  • PUBLISHING: Course design
  • PUBLISHING: Add course content to the platform
  • Readings
  • Presentation (Slides)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Quiz Quizdesign- Self tests Assignments Exams Regrading
  • Global announcement about course start communication matrix

1 week prior course start

  • Test course with chosen testers

Friday prior course start

  • Course announcement about course start communikation matrix

Course supervision

  • Communication during the course Communication templates Support, HelpDesk and Betreuung der Community
  • Conventions
  • Sanctions
  • Help Desk

Course wrap-up

  • Wrap-up
  • Regrading
  • After the course